Am Donnerstag, den 09.12.2021, um 18:00 Uhr, erscheint unser neues Musikvideo zum Darts Song "5-0-1".

Vielen Dank an McDart, das Team vom Billard-Café Hufnagel, allen Komparsen und Tim Jürgens und Christoph Deik.


On Thursday, July 22nd we will stream an album release show starting at 8pm to shorten the last hours of waiting until the actual release. Here you can already find the YouTube link!


Driven By Illusion is undoubtedly the best metal song of the year, probably even of the whole decade. The track couldn't have been produced better, it's tightly recorded and the lyrics fit like a glove!

Seriously, it is alarming that today arrogance and overestimation of oneself determine the social interaction and especially the conflicts. The theory of Dunning and Kruger provides a plausible explanation for these symptoms, which we also present in the accompanying video. Check out the new track and decide for yourself whether our self-assessment was Driven By Illusion!

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Compared to our first single MONDAYS FOR MURDER, ECHO CHAMBER shows a more melodic side of the new album, without losing any of its punch! The chorus, loaded with gang shouts, is also a tribute to the old school:  the Thrash Metal of the eighties. Lyrically, the song is about the effects of filter bubbles on the Internet and the drift into the world of conspiracy myths. In the music video, which is the first part of a continuing story, the character portrayed by Simon Moskon (CRYPTEX) goes through exactly this change. In two weeks we will release the sequel with DRIVEN BY ILLUSION!

Mondays For Murder (Music Video)

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Metal Auf'm Dorf Vol. 2

On 05.03.2022
Sieveringen, NRW

Metal Diver Festival 2021

On 12.03.2022
Marsberg, NRW

Taunus Metal Festival 2022

On 02.04.2022
Oberursel, HE

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